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Solar Stars Light Set-30 ct. w/Battery


Solar powered decorative light string.

Unique Solar Stars Light Set is complete with 30-ct. White LED's and NiMh Battery.
Ideal for decorating shrubs, doorways, parasols, and more!

Lights are powered by a separate solar panel, allowing them to be placed in shady areas as well.
Solar Light Set automatically illuminates during darkness. Produces up to 6 hours of light each night when solar panel is fully charged.
30 energy-saving LED's complete with translucent stylized covers will brighten and enhance any setting.

LED's are supplied on 20.5 ft. string, with lights spaced at 5.5-inch intervals. Solar set has an 8.5 ft. lead wire from first light to panel.
Replaceable rechargeable Ni-MH batteries... no wiring necessary.
Simply install and enjoy... no operating costs either!