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Stainless Steel Whole Peanut Feeder


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Deemed Suet Ball Feeder, this Stainless Steel Feeder is ideal for Peanuts in the Shell!

Entice nuthatches, chickadees, grosbeaks, jays, woodpeckers and more with nutritious peanuts. Sturdy feeder features die cast top and bottom, easy hanging loop, and removable bottom. Sans the center rod, it makes for simple filling and cleaning too.

Vibrant red top and bottom, with optional stainless steel 10-inch seed tray makes this whole peanut feeder even more attractive to feathered friends!
Squirrels can't chew it, holds 1 quart whole peanuts.

Lifetime Guarantee against squirrel damage.
Optional Seed Tray and/or 5 lb. Whole Peanuts available

Measures: 12" x 3.5"
Item Weight .75 lb.

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