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Staked Bluebird Feeder

Easily offer meal worms, fruit or jelly to resident and migratory birds, change it up with seasons for maximum bird attraction!

Versatile multi-use bird feeder lets you serve mealworms for bluebirds in a covered dish, worms stay protected from elements. Attract bluebirds and orioles with their favorite treats... anywhere in the garden.

Staked mealworm feeder assembles in seconds, stake is easily placed anywhere in the ground. No poles or brackets needed for a new bird feeder!

Durable cedar with plexiglass dish endures years of easy feeding, chalet style feeder is bluebird-approved, USA made.

Measures 37" tall x 6" x 6"
Item Weight 3.0 lb.
Material: Cedar, Plastic, Metal
USA Made