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Staked Butterfly Feeder or Bath

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Colorful glass flower is whimsical art for attracting butterflies or birds to your garden!

Versatile glass flower feeder allows you to easily offer up nectar, over-ripe fruit, or fill with fresh water as a sipper for songbirds.

Fill with grape jelly for orioles, even suet or peanuts for resident birds, lots of possibilities. Winged ones will dig this glass flower feeder! 

Glass butterfly feeder/bath includes sponge, nectar, special recipe card and Butterfly Tips Brochure. Comes with black powder coat stake with ground prongs for stability. Place among flowers in the garden or near a leaf mister to create a butterfly haven in your garden!

Because butterflies do not drink from an open source, the sponge should be used when feeding nectar. Soft yellow sponge acts as a wick to soak up liquid from which butterflies will feed. It imitates their natural feeding process when drawing nectar from flowers.

Measures 21" tall x 6" diameter - leaves 9.5" wide"
Item Weight 1.0 lb.
Material: Glass, Metal
Made in China