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Stoneware Bird In Flight Wall Mount Birdhouse

$ 58.00

Mod Weather Proof Stoneware Birdhouse mounts on any wall or tree, providing the perfect nest site for smaller songbirds like chickadees, titmice, warblers and more.
From the Bird in Flight Series by Anthony Stoneware, it's a contemporary rendition of bird in flight. House is easily installed on a tree or the side of a building, and provides a swell nest site and roosting spot for many a feathered friend! With an easy clean-out from the open back, it's high-fired stoneware that withstands sub-freezing temperatures... a great roost for a cold winters' night. Entrance is ample distance from floor which helps protect nestlings from predators. Measures 10” diameter x 5” depth Made in the USA Available in 6 colors: White, Royal Blue, Teal Green, French Blue, Lavender Blue and Butternut (shown).