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Stoneware Butterfly & Oriole Feeder

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Calling all butterflies and orioles... fruit and jelly are offered here!

Unique butterfly feeder does double duty for fruit-loving birds too. Orioles, Catbirds and more will feast on fruit & jelly. Create an oasis to attract butterflies when used as a fruit and nectar feeder. Stunning hues found in nature are fused together in this cool feeder. Vibrant hanging feeder adds distinctive and natural beauty to the garden.

A wick is created mimicking the way nectar is drawn from flowers-this is how butterflies drink. Fill the tray with fresh or over-ripened fruit to attract even more visitors.  Or if you prefer add a sea sponge, simply fill the cup with nectar and let the sponge absorb the liquid. 

Made from all natural stoneware and lead free glazes, the butterfly/oriole feeder is complete with a brass hanging chain, weather-proof and dishwasher safe too.

Measures: 7.5" diameter x 3" tall (Chain 10")
Item Weight .50 lb.
Material: Clay/Glazed Pottery
Handmade in Canada