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Pottery Toad House

Nick-knack, paddy whack... Give a Toad a Home!

They're beneficial in the garden, consuming insects who munch on plants. Toads and frogs don't ask much in return- just a secure and dark spot to rest upon damp earth.

Organic form with vine-like detail lends itself to the landscape, while textured surface offers an ideal spot for moss to creep and grow. Glazed pottery will not fade, high-fired to withstand freezing temperatures.

Handcrafted toad shelter adds unique character to the garden while offering an ideal habitat for amphibians to thrive. Unique pottery design makes a lasting and ultra-cool garden gift for any occasion!

Choose white or blue

Measures 7.5" tall x 5.5" diameter
Item Weight 2.0 lb.
Material: Clay/Pottery
USA Made