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Suet Log Bird Feeder-Recycled Plastic

$ 29.50

Suet Log Bird Feeder will look the same in 5 years!

Attracts woodpeckers, flickers, chickadees, titmice and more. Made from 14 recycled plastic milk jugs, long log style encourages feeding in a more natural way.

Recycled plastic suet bird feeder will not warp, split, crack or fade, and inhibits bacteria growth with its non-porous surface. Easy to clean, with sturdy top hanging hook, it features 4 tapered holes for 8 feeding ports.

Fill with traditional suet logs, peanut butter, or suet-doughs to entice feathered friends and keep them coming back! High quality, recycled suet log feeder will last a lifetime! To get started right away... a package of suet logs is included with this fun feeder!

Made in the USA
Measures 15" tall x 3" diameter