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Tweet Tweet Birdhouse Kits


Eco Friendly and fun for all ages!

Made from recycled plastic (non-toxic and safe for birds) these birdhouse kits are fun to assemble and provide real nesting sites for feathered friends. In vibrant colors and patterns, collect all six to encourage nesting and roosting, adds a vibrant splash of color in the garden too.

1.25-inch entrance accommodates smaller songbirds like wrens, chickadees, titmice and warblers. Available in classic or cone design, this recycled plastic bird house is sure to host several broods over the years.
Available in yellow, orange, dots, branches, teal, and new tooled leather.

Classic Birdhouse kit assembled size (not including roof line)
7" tall x 5" deep x 4.75" wide

Cone Birdhouse kit (not including roof line)
8" tall x 5.6" wide at middle x 4" base