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Victorian Newbury Cottage Birdhouse


Quaint Cottage Birdhouse features fine detail with contrasting trim, plush digs for your feathered friends... front porch, flower pots... the whole nine yards!

Unique bird abode replicates original Victorians from the 1700's found in the Northeast US. Offers a safe and cozy space for birds to raise their young. Makes an ideal roosting spot during the off-season.

Classic birdhouse is constructed of kiln-dried hardwoods with pine shingled roof. Back wall removes for nest clean-out. 1.25-inch entrance is perfect for chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and other small songbirds. Ample ventilation and drainage keep nestlings dry, and deep distance from entry to floor helps keep them safe from predators.

Victorian Newbury Birdhouse is functional art for the garden- with historic architecture that creates a distinctive addition to the landscape.

Measures 13.25 H x 10 W x 13.5 D
Item Weight 6.0 lb.