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Vintage Church Birdhouse-2 Entries


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Unique birdhouse with vintage adornments and tin roof is suited for wild birds and indoor decor too!

Reclaimed wood and architectural elements from old houses and furniture are used to craft these detailed bird homes by Lorenzo's Wood Works. Functional artwork for an unusual focal point indoors or out, makes the perfect nest site for feathered friends.

Features iron cross, fleur-de-lis and crystal knobs, with a light stain to complete the church. Each birdhouse is proudly branded with Lorenzo's trademark emblem.

1-1/8-inch entry is perfect for chickadees, wrens and other small songbirds. Complete with a generous base for easy mounting, nest removal requires simple back-out of two screws on the tin roof.

Unique piece creates an interesting focal point for garden, porch or room... as most folks prefer to keep Lorenzo's works indoors for their distinctive beauty. Handcrafted in Texas, this single nest  church birdhouse promises to host many successful broods! 

Measures: 24" x 9.5" x 8.5"
Item Weight 7.0 lb.