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Weathered Fly-Thru Feeder

$ 37.50

Vintage style feeder adds distinctive charm while enticing feathered friends to your place.

Unique hanging fly-thru bird feeders feature two little birdies, graceful sloped roof with finial, and generous hanging chain with large hook.

Design offers great versatility for changing up treats and attracts most of your favorite backyard fliers! Seed mixes, suet and crumbles, peanuts, even fruit will be safe while roof shelters offerings from the elements. Just add water for some fun splash time and you'll be amazed at who else visits!

Get better views with the airy, open space and entice a wider variety of birds with our weathered feeder. Ideal for unique decor too!

Smaller size only:
16" tall x 8" diameter
Item Weight 1.0 lb