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Music of the Spheres Whole Tone Wind Chimes

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In five distinct tones, the Whole Tone Wind Chime series favors Balinese inspired music from the 1896 Paris Expo. Claude Debussy's composition featured this atonal scale in his famous piece "LaMer".

Later used in television and film, it was a popular score for dream sequences, flash-backs and underwater scenes.

All Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes are durably strong to withstand the harshest elements. Acid rain and salt air are no match for the anti-corrosive finish, it preserves the wind chime's appearance to increase durability.

High quality materials and precision assembly ensure lasting quality and beauty. All chimes feature black powder-coat aluminum alloy tubing with adjustable frequency or activity, all chimes are in the key of A.

Whole Tone Wind Chime is available in Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor and Bass series. Click below for a sound clip of each.

Measures 16.25" L x 6.75" W
Weight 2.0 lb.

Measures 22.50" L x 8.75" W
Weight 5.0 lb.

Measures 29.25" L x 11.50" W 
Weight 10 lb.

Measures 43" L x 14.75" W 
Weight 27 lb.

Measures 90" L x 22" W
Weight 45 lb.