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Basket Feeders & More-Set /3


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Iron Basket Feeders are versatile and fun for year-round use for birds, for squirrels or decor.

Offer up corn cobs, whole peanuts, suet, fruit or nesting materials with these unique feeders. Locking top keeps thieving paws out!

Change foods with seasons to attract more feathered friends. Encourage birds to take up residence by adding nesting materials in early spring, and a variety of fruit through summer for migratory songbirds.

Cool Basket Feeders are complete with solid roof, helps protect treats from elements, and sturdy hanging chain with large hook for easy placement. Design and chain length will accommodate a hanging baffle if desired.

Set of 3
Large 12 x 9
Medium 10 x 7
Small 8 x 5
Weight 2.5 lb.