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Wooden Bluebird Feeder-Hang or Post-Mount

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Traditional Fly-In Bluebird Feeder keeps others from stealing meal worms!

Designed specifically for bluebirds, entrance holes on both ends allow little ones in, but keep starlings and other large birds out. Extended landing platforms provide a convenient and easy perching areas at both ends.

Offer your bluebirds meal worms, insects, suet nuggets or fruit with the easy lifting roof. Mount on a post, pole or hang this sturdy bluebird feeder with attached chain. Hand crafted of Eastern white pine. Red plastic dish included.

1-9/16" entries accommodate Eastern, Western and mountain bluebirds.

Mounting flanges sold separately.

Measures 10.5" tall x 15" wide x 10.75" deep
Item Weight 5.0 lb.
Material: Wood, Acrylic Panels, Metal Chain
Handmade USA