Bird Feeder Poles, Deck Brackets, Hangers and Flanges

Find quality bird feeder poles and brackets to last a lifetime. Wall and deck mount style hangers offer simple solutions for smaller spaces, while complete garden pole systems offer installations with bells and whistles! Mounting flanges with secure hardware install easily, accommodating standard garden poles and 4x4 posts.
4x4 Mounting Flange Set by BirdsChoice
Additional Pole Section, 1-inch diameter
Adjustable Deck Clamp for Bird Feeder Poles
Adjustable Deck Clamp, Pole and Hanger
Aged Metal Scroll Stand for Table Top or Ground Bird Baths & Feeders
Bird Feeding Station Kit
BirdCam Mounting Arm
Bluebird House Pole w/ Ground Socket and Two-Way Flange
Clamp-On Deck Bracket for Bird Baths & Feeders
Complete Dining Station with 4 Bird Feeders
Double Arm Adjustable Deck Hook 36"
Droll Yankees Garden Pole - 68"
Droll Yankees Ultimate Deck System
Droll Yankees Ultimate Yard System
Extended Reach Deck Hook w/ Swivel Arm 36-inch
Extended Reach Wall Bracket-36 inch
Garden Pole Set Triple Hanger, Baffle and Ground Auger
Garden Pole Set w/ Mounting Flange, Baffle and Ground Screw
Garden Pole Set-2 Hangers, Baffle and Ground Auger
Great Hang Up Window Hook by BirdsChoice
Mounting Flange for 1-inch Pole by BirdsChoice
Pop's Hummingbird Swing
Quick Connect Pole Branch Hanger-24 inch
Squirrel Stopper 8-Arm Bird Feeder Pole
Telescoping Martin Pole-RP19
Triple Hook Assembly for 1-inch Diameter Garden Pole
Ultimate Pole Auger with 3-Arm Handle
Universal Garden Pole Kit w/ Adapters
Vinyl Lamp Post-Seamless Fluted or Raised Panel
Vinyl Post Cover for Copper Roof Birdhouses and Bird Feeders-108"
Vinyl Post Cover for Copper Roof Birdhouses and Bird Feeders-72"

Bird feeder poles let you place feeders where you actually want them... not where you have to put them! Find convenient and sturdy flanges for post- or pole-mounting your houses and feeders.

Wall and Deck Mount hangers are perfect for smaller yards... or even no yard! The Squirrel Stopper lets you hang up to eight feeders and/or flower pots with absolutely no passage for pesky squirrels. New, longer swivel deck brackets are available to accommodate larger bird feeders, and offer a great spot for a hanging bath too. Buy quality bird feeder poles and hangers, and to foil pesky squirrels, a baffle is highly recommended!

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