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Dog & Cat Ceramic Houses

Custom Made Dog and Cat Birdhouses
Functional art for the garden and cozy nest site for feathered friends, artist Doug Fey creates some of the most unique birdhouses around! Clever dogs and cats are custom made (or choose one below) with your own fur-kid as the model. Safe for year-round outdoor use, each birdhouse is crafted with passion, humor and wild birds in mind!

Dog and Cat Gargler Birdhouses are unique and functional works of art, aptly named as they seem to gargle visitors upon entry. Cozy places for birds to raise their young, complete with clean-out, proper ventilation, and slot for optional twig perch.

Each house is custom made, modeled after Fido or Fluffy for the most unusual birdhouse on the block, an awesome gift for any cat or dog enthusiast too! A decent photo is required in order to capture the expressive features of your fur baby.