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Bluebird Feeders


Bluebirds are one of few species who will fly-in a mealworm feeder for worms. Designed with either a wire cage or plexi-glass windows with entry and exits, the holes are sized the same as a bluebird birdhouse entrance. If you've got mountain bluebirds, most fly-in feeders are available with slightly larger entrance.

For some reason, most birds will not enter a feeder, but blues will and Carolina wrens are usually the first to figure it out! This traditional style bluebird feeder is ideal for offering worms, though they may also be fed on a platform or in a dish feeder. But beware... whether hanging, dish or staked feeder, once discovered, other species will devour the tasty treat in no time flat!

The bluebird diet consists mostly of insects in spring and summer. They'll eat berries, suet and possibly sunflower hearts in colder months, though not considered seed-eaters. Therefore bluebirds aren't very likely to visit your other feeders.

Having made a strong comeback after declining numbers in the 70's, we host and monitor trails, and feed them in our yards for the simple pleasure of watching these avian wonders. Parents raising fledglings with juveniles' help portrays their amazingly strong sense of family!

Providing an adequate nest site in open space is highly encouraged, and using a NABS Approved bluebird house will increase success of fledges. Bird baths also entice them... and multitudes of other songbirds too! Many Eastern bluebirds will over-winter, provided there is an adequate natural food source (with supplemental feeding) and a consistent fresh water source like a heated bird bath.

Host wonderful bluebirds at your place!

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