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Heated Bird Baths & Bath Heaters

Don't turn that bath over for winter!

When temperatures drop below freezing, most ponds and shallow pools tend to freeze over, leaving birds unable to access fresh water. Add a bird bath heater or use heated birdbaths to fulfill this most basic necessity for resident songbirds. It's crucial for their survival, especially in bitter cold weather.

Providing a consistent fresh water source is an excellent way to attract more wild birds... guaranteed! Deck-mount birdbaths are great for close up views, while ground baths offer a more natural way for birds to bathe and wade, find cool baths in all styles for year-round use.

Already have your favorite bird bath in place? No problem... newer birdbath heaters and de-icers are safe for most materials.

And don't forget, provide as much food and shelter as possible! Roosting spots and feeders really help feathered friends thrive during tough winter months when natural food sources have been depleted or are covered in snow.