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Nesting Materials & Roosts

Entice birds to your yard with nesting materials to provide for their basic needs. Both cavity dwelllers- using bird houses, and non-cavity dwelling birds are attracted to a variety of nest materials. Hanging birdhouses in your landscape is a great way to attract them, but not all feathered friends use them.

Adding various materials to your habitat gives a greater chance of seeing more species... and watching fledges if you're lucky! Nest Balls and nesting wreaths assist birds in their search for suitable digs; mosses, feathers, cotton strings, soft pet hair, lichens and other fibers for lining their nests. These are some of the most common nesting materials preferred by backyard birds. Some resident fliers will even line roosting boxes and shelters in winter with these same materials.

The Hummer Helper Nest Kit attracts hummingbirds, goldfinches and others, it's even endorsed by The Hummingbird Society. The Birdie Bell can be used year round for feeding fruit in summer, and seed bells or suet in winter months. Most kits are available with refills, making them suitable for year-round use.

As always, adding a bird bath with moving water is also a great way to attract more birds to your garden!