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Bluebird Houses

Cozy Digs for Eastern and Western Blues
Houses with front or side doors or the Gilbertson Nest Box are recommended for easy monitoring and nest removal. Choose North American Bluebird Society (NABS) approved birdhouses to increase chances of successful broods and fledges. Find perfect accommodations for your blues... from basic nest box to bluebird mansion!

Attracting Bluebirds

Since bluebird housing alone doesn't always do the trick... you may want to consider live or dried mealworms live or dried meal worms to further entice bluebirds to your yard. Preferring grassy open spaces with natural perches for hunting insects, they are territorial about their space and housing. Best to place one bluebird house in front, and one in back so they're not in direct view of each other.

Leaf misters are also attractive to bluebirds in warm weather. During extreme heat, parents will leaf bathe in the mist- transporting water on their feathers back to the nest to cool off babies. They'll tough-out winter in many parts of the US, especially if a heated bird bath and live mealworms are consistent! We encourage bluebirds to our yards for the simple pleasure of watching them. Parents raising fledgelings with juvenile's help compares to no other songbird family. Bluebird nest boxes, feeders and even fresh water will attract these gems to your place.

Browse a super selection of other unique bird homes too... they make perfect gifts for any occasion! For more tips on helping bluebirds thrive and flourish, please visit our resources section. The video below provides some quick tips on attracting bluebirds.