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Bird Feeder Poles, Mounting Brackets and Hangers

Feeder Poles, Deck Brackets and Hangers
Find quality garden poles and swivel brackets for deck-mounted bird feeders or birdbaths. Complete pole systems offer instant feeding stations for lots of quick winged activity. Innovative deck hooks and mounting flanges use simple and secure installation for both feeders and hanging baths!

Bird feeder poles let you place feeders where you actually want them... not where you have to put them! Find sturdy flanges for post- or pole-mounting most types of bird feeders.

Deck Mount hangers and wall brackets are ideal for small spaces or cloes-up views. The Squirrel Stopper lets you hang up to eight feeders and/or flower pots with absolutely no passage for pesky squirrels. Long swivel deck brackets accommodate larger bird feeders, even hanging birdbaths. Buy quality bird feeder poles and hangers, and to foil pesky squirrels, a baffle is highly recommended!