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Unique Birdhouses

The most unusual around... totally fun & functional
Cool birdhouse handcrafted with quality materials, most are made in the USA. Perfect nest site in spring and swell roost during the off-season, find unique birdhouses to help feathered friends thrive- because birds bring gardens alive & soothe the soul. Check out some very wild bird feeders to further entice new visitors to your place... because not all birds use houses!

Always a fun and long lasting gift, unique birdhouses are perfect for any nature enthusiast - any time of year, and a gift approved by Mother Nature is one you can be sure is appreciated!

With a hand picked selection, you'll find unique birdhouses that are totally functional, with proper ventilation, drainage and clean-outs. That's important stuff for birds! Our fine bird homes are guaranteed to please your beaked buddies and enhance the environment.

Protection from inclement weather and predators are just two reasons for offering birds shelter. Aside from the spring nesting season, birdhouses provide roosting spots during the remainder of the year, and especially on cold winter nights. Some birds may even line their roosts with nesting materials.

With the vast destruction of habitat, there's a serious shortage of natural nest cavities for native songbirds. It's a critical time for humans to embrace nature, because wild birds reveal a secret into the general health of our ecosystem. By offering birdhouses and mature trees and shrubs for nesting, you'll help create a habitat, and begin a process of enticing birds and providing a critical refuge.

Simply watching flurries of bird activity and their behavior can be both captivating and quite addictive. Backyard birding has taken on new heights, simply because of the relaxation it affords - it's nature's natural stress relief! Installing bird homes in the landscape is a great place to start, and we'll help make it fun with unique birdhouses that are sure to host many broods over the years~so please help house the birds!