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Indoor/Outdoor Fountains

Waterfall and Hand Carved Stone Buddha Fountains
Indoor wall fountains feature slate or glass panels, warm accent lighting, and splash-free designs for contemporary and sleek decor. Large lava stone fountains with Eastern motif are hand carved for lasting and natural beauty. Set the stage for a tranquil environment through elegant design and the soothing sound of moving water.

Bird bath drippers and leaf misters provide essential bathing spots and fun time for many favored songbirds. Attract hummingbirds and butterflies with solar fountains and leaf misters. Water Wigglers and drippers provide continuous water circulation and prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs... no stagnant bath water here! Moving water also affords a relaxing sight and soothing sound to the environment. Lots of options for high quality fountains and birdbath accessories. Available with solar, electric or spigot hook-ups, these additions allow you to quickly and easily enhance your habitat and entice more birds to your place - you're bound to see some new visitors who've never used your birdhouses or feeders before!