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Deck & Ground Bird Baths

Deck Mount and Ground Style Baths for Natural Bathing
Provide consistent fresh water and birds will flock to your garden! Get close up views with deck-mount baths, ideal for the smallest spaces. Large ground birdbaths allow birds to bathe in a more natural way. No large yard necessary... these uniquely hand made birdbaths are perfect for porch, patio, deck, and balcony too!

Although birds do tend to bathe naturally at ground level, use of ground bird baths is not recommended should predators lurk in your yard. Provide a safe spot with additional height using a short stand, decorative pot, tree stump, or small table. A taller pedestal style bath may be better suited for birds should this be the case.

Deck-mounted birdbaths are available with clamp-on iron hardware that will not damage porch or deck rails. Extended brackets are ideal for hanging baths on a deck or porch too. Most heated bird baths are equipped with concealed heating elements that allow for year-round use.

No matter the style, bird baths will attract more feathered friends who may not frequent your feeders or birdhouses. Providing a consistent fresh water source-especially in winter months- is the easiest way to entice wild birds to your place. Using water to create a wildlife friendly habitat will help other species thrive as well.