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    Craftsman Double Chamber Bat House

    Help pollinators thrive and reduce mosquito populations in the garden naturally! Handsome Double Chamber Bat House offers shelter for roosting with its unique style, color and...

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  • Triple Chamber Cedar Bat House

    Provide shelter for friendly brown bats and reduce mosquito populations around the yard. Deluxe Bat Shelter has triple chamber with removable walls for easy cleaning. Holds...

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  • Large Capacity Bat House-5 Chamber

    Huge Bat House accommodates 600 Bats with offspring. Control Insects the natural way! Do they really work? You bet, provided the habitat is suitable. Five-Chamber Bat...

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  • Victorian Bat House

    Handcrafted Solid Cypress Victorian Bat House with Double Chamber Bats can eat thousands of insects in one night, greatly reducing mosquito populations in your yard. One...

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  • Single Compartment Bat House

    Provide Bat Houses to reduce mosquito populations in your yard. Single Compartment Bat House provides proper shelter and refuge for brown bats during daylight hours. Grooves...

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  • Bat Mansion Large Bat House

    5-chamber bat house helps control Insects the natural way! Complete with an attic which provides for greater temperature stability, the Bat Mansion accommodates about 150-200 of...

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  • Vintage Bat House

    Handcrafted solid cypress bat house with artsy appeal.Vintage bat house features an old-world, weathered look with antiqued cypress and multi-colored shingled roof. Superior construction ensures many...

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    Bat Bungalow Bat House

    Single chamber bat house accommodates about 20 bats, ideal for someone who's just getting started with these beneficial friendly fliers! With the looming destruction of habitat,...

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  • Poly-Lumber Bat House

    Add a Bat House to provide shelter for beneficial brown bats and control insect populations the natural way. Single chamber bat shelter accommodates about 100 bats....

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  • Bat House Kit

    Wooden Bat House Kit makes a great youth group or child's project and a perfect roost for your resident bats! Easy to build bat house is...

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    Bat Colony Bat House

    Triple chamber shelter accommodates about 60 mature bats and their offspring. Handcrafted from durable redwood with branded bat design. Brown bats are extremely beneficial as they...

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    Gothic Bat House

    Gothic Bat House with single chamber is handcrafted from century old, reclaimed barn wood that's been beautifully repurposed.Transforming these legendary structures, artist John Guertin creates each...

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    Single Chamber Bat House

    Single chamber bat house with innovative design and craftsman style offers shelter for roosting. Wooden Bat Box accommodates approximately 30-40 bats. Cut-away design with rough sewn...

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Collection: Bat Houses

Bat Houses
Bat Houses from Single to Multi-Chamber Shelters
Add a bat house to promote pollination and control insects around the garden naturally. In cypress, cedar or recycled plastic, bat houses entice and provide roosting spots for these beneficial flying mammals. Find single chamber bat shelters to host a few male bats or large bat houses for whole colonies including pups!

Best Bat Houses… because bats are extremely beneficial for pollination and insect control. 

Several bat species including the Big Brown Bat, Mexican Free-Tailed, Tri-color and Southeastern Bat will use man-made shelters. Essential to the ecosystem, bats are seed spreaders and major pollinators who consume thousands of insects nightly.

Bat houses may be installed any time of year, but it’s best to have a new house in place prior to spring. Beginning in March, some species awaken from hibernation while others migrate north. In some southern states, bats remain active throughout the year.

The furry flying mammals will definitely earn their keep, and proper placement of your bat house increases chances of occupancy. Bats prefer habitat that is near water, such as a creek, pond, stream, or lake, so if there's water on or near your property, chances of attracting bats to take up residency are very good!

When paced on poles or structures, bat houses tend to be more desirable than those placed on a trees. Optimal height is approximately 15 feet. If mounting your bat shelter to a tree, be sure it’s clear of obstructions or branches as they will hinder flight and entry. A south or southeast exposure is best, allowing the house to receive full sun. If there's more than one bat house, it’s best to face the second in a different direction to allow for varying ambient temperatures which is a key factor for successful bat occupancy.

Another way to entice bats to their new digs is by adding insects. Simply place a small light or night light nearby to attract mosquitoes and other insects... bats are likely to follow if they're already within close proximity.

Available in a range of sizes, bat houses are made to accommodate different groups, and most houses are in accordance with Organization for Bat Conservation. Single chamber bat houses usually host smaller groups of males (15-20), while triple-chamber and larger models house whole colonies (300-600 bats) including offspring.

In the Northeast US (now spreading west and south), there’s a serious fungus killing several bat populations and scientists fear it could wipe out entire species. White Nose Syndrome is now spreading rapidly across the United States, and wreaking havoc on whole colonies, thousands of bats at a time.

Are bats roosting in your attic? Please go easy, they’re not nearly as bad as squirrels with their potential damage. Most homeowners evict bats without a second thought… bad move for you and for them. Consider installing a bat house or two so they have a place to roost once evicted. Bats are worth their weight in gold for insect control and pollination, and besides... nobody wants to be homeless!

Bats roosting inside a bat house

To learn more and help bats thrive around your place, consider joining Bat Conservation International.