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Ant Moats & Ant Baffles

Keep Hummingbird Nectar and Fruit & Jelly Feeders Ant-Free... Once and For All!
Ant Moats protect sugary nectar from pesky ants because they can't swim. Simply keep moats filled with water to work properly. Newer designs slow evaporation, while Ant Baffles are also available for staked hummingbird feeders. A small but wise investment for many years of use and happy hummingbirds, find Parasol ant moats and the Detourant to protect your feeder.

Make your hummingbird feeding experience a hassle-free one with the use of ant moats. Water in the moat prevents ants from crossing...because they can't swim!

Pretty Parasol ant moats and ant baffles for staked hummingbird feeders are high quality, powder coat metal that will last for years of use and enjoyment with your nectar feeders. In summer heat, a drop of salad oil may be added to water to slow evaporation. Ant moats won't work properly unless they have water in them.

Ant Baffles may be coated on the under side with olive oil, castor oil, or petroleum jelly to prevent ants' crossing. A relatively inexpensive, one-time purchase of an ant moat will make the difference between a pleasurable feeding experience and a miserable one for you and hummers alike.

To attract more of the "flying jewels" add moving water, such as bird bath fountain or leaf mister. Hummingbirds adore the gentle spray of misters, and will return daily once discovered. Butterflies love them too!

If you love watching hummingbirds, check out this great video produced by Parasol. Just click the forward arrow to view.