Keep Thistle Feeders Out Year Round

Finches aren't the only birds flocking to thistle feeders! Attract buntings towhees, juncos and pine siskins with nyjer a feeder. Offer thistle seed year-round to enjoy vibrant summer plumage, pesky squirrels usually leave these feeders in peace!
Entice more feathered friends with a varied selection of other wild bird feeders too.
Keep finch birdfeeders out year-round to enjoy brilliant color in warmer months, and encourage goldfinches to take up residence with nesting material and fresh water.American Goldfinch

Admired for their vibrant yellow color, sweet melodies, and graceful flight, the American Goldfinch is a favorite backyard songbird. Although their plumage fades a bit in winter, they will frequent thistle feeders year round. Thistle seed, also called nyjer, is unlike any other birdseed in that it does not germinate... so no weeds below the feeder! Squirrels and raccoons don't fancy it much, and for the most part, won't bother these feeders. 

A group of goldfinches is called a charm... and charming they are! Their disposition usually has them flee a crowded feeder rather than fight for a spot. Adding a few inexpensive thistle socks is ideal during their busy season, which happens to be one of the latest for songbirds. Late June through early August is when they nest, so lots of juveniles are learning to use feeders in summer and fall.

Goldfinches don't use birdhouses, but will stick around your place if food, fresh water and mature trees and shrubs are available for shelter and nesting.


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