Innovative Squirrel Feeders to Keep them Occupied

A fun way to deter critters and keep them from raiding your birdseed, find durable squirrel feeders to last for years. Corn cob, bungee feeders, munch box and spinning models are a blast to watch! Install a new squirrel feeder to witness some gravity-defying acrobatics in your own backyard.

Antics can be downright funny when watching the action at squirrel feeders like the Squngee (a bungee cord that holds two ears of corn) or the Squirrel-a-Whirl, which rotates. During frigid weather, smear some peanut butter on corn cobs for a special treat! The high fat and protein content provides extra calories to help stay warm, and they love it!

Should furry ones have you at wit's end, our squirrel-proof bird feeders are guaranteed to keep them out! Absolutely frustrating and so costly to see squirrels at your bird feeders - you'll fare much better with a squirrel-proof model. The critters can easily destroy the joys of bird feeding (and your feeders) with their sheer willpower, and can eat their weight in birdseed in one week. Jumping up to six feet high and straight across at least eight feet, not to mention speeds of up to 20mph... many resemble uber-squirrels!

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