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Squirrel House

Give squirrels a habitat of their own... and they may just leave your birdhouses in peace!

Do they really use them? You bet, especially during frigid winter months for protection from the elements.

Place this wooden squirrel house at least 6 ft. from ground level to offer furry friends welcoming digs! Not only for a cozy spot to chill, they'll nest and raise babies here as well.

May just sound like the worst idea ever to some folks, but if you like squirrels and all their antics, offering the furry ones a shelter designed just for them is ideal. After all, nobody wants to be homeless!

Handmade in Maine of Eastern white pine, weathers to a silvery patina finish.  Durable Squirrel House endures many years of cozy & happy squirrels.

Measures 17.75" tall x 11 deep x 9.25 wide
Item Weight 8.0 lb.
USA Made

That's actually our squirrel house, going on 11 years of occupancy. But these guys are forbidden at bird feeders. Every single feeder has a baffle that really works! No worries though... our critters get fed a plenty!