Entice More Birds with Moving Water

Add some moving water to your garden for an amazing show of bird activity! Solar bird bath fountains or leaf misters are a simple way to entice hummingbirds, butterflies and new feathered friends. Find copper birdbath drippers, and water wigglers for your existing bath or decorative bowl, and complete solar pump kits to get you started right away!
Large Hanging Bird Bath Fountain
Pebble Birdbath Fountain-Dripper
Lotus Pond Solar Bird Bath
Solar Bubbler Bird Bath-Deck Mount or Ground
Granite Rock Birdbath Bubbler by BirdsChoice
Solar Bubbler Hanging Bird Bath
Copper Lotus Bird Bath Fountain Dripper
Copper Hummingbird Birdbath Fountain/Dripper
Copper Oak Leaf Birdbath Fountain/Dripper
Layered Rock Waterfall by BirdsChoice
Rock Cairn Fountain
Solar Fountain Pump Kit
Leaf Mister by BirdsChoice
Solar Fountain Bird Bath Country Gardens
Solar Fountain Kit-Staked Panel
Solar Fountain Kit-One Piece
Easy Mister for Bird and Butterflies
Tall Garden Bird Bath with Dripper
Bird Bath Dripper with Rock Base by BirdsChoice
Bird Bath Dripper & Leaf Mister Combo by BirdsChoice
Leaf Mister with Rock Base by BirdsChoice
Water Wiggler
Water Wiggler with Pottery Cover
Solar Power Water Wiggler
Bird Bath Raft
Galvanized Watering Can Fountain
Bamboo Classic Fountain
Kozyfill Auto BirdBath Filler
Rocky Mountain Bird Bath with Dripper-BirdsChoice
Kozy Resort Bird Bath, Auto Refill w/Base
Ivy Leaf Copper Dripper-Pebble Base by BirdsChoice
Puddling Pool for Leaf Misters and Bath Drippers
Ivy Leaf Copper Bird Bath Dripper by BirdsChoice
Solar Fountain Kit-SunJet

Bird bath drippers and leaf misters provide essential bathing spots and fun time for many favored songbirds. Attract hummingbirds and butterflies with solar fountains and leaf misters. Water Wigglers and drippers provide continuous water circulation and prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs... no stagnant bath water here! Moving water also affords a relaxing sight and soothing sound to the environment.

Lots of options for high quality fountains and birdbath accessories. Available with solar, electric or spigot hook-ups, these additions allow you to quickly and easily enhance your habitat and entice more birds to your place - you're bound to see some new visitors who've never used your birdhouses or feeders before!

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