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Unique Birdhouses

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Copper Roof Birdhouses

Copper & Vinyl Birdhouses and Feeders

FREE SHIPPING- Gazebo, Large Capacity Bird Feeders & Dovecote Houses.
Large PVC Post-Mounted Birdhouses that Look like Wood and Last a Lifetime!

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Unique Gifts for Birders and Gardeners Alike~
A Most Inspiring Collection of Garden Art and Home Accents

Keep Your Backyard Birds Fat & Happy this Winter!
Shop handmade birdhouses, feeders & bird baths in all styles

Cool wares for all nature buffs… and for your nest too!

Unique Birdhouses & Feeders... the Most Unusual Around Town!

Birdhouses, Very Wild Feeders & Bird Baths

Entice songbirds with our fun accessories! Innovative solutions for better birding & long-lasting gifts for any occasion - never a worry of dreaded re-gifting when shopping with The Birdhouse Chick!

Beyond Birdhouses... Home, Garden & Patio

Unusual home and garden accents with sculpture, statuary, plaques, planters and more! In whimsical and classic styles, the perfect gift awaits- for you, your feathered friends and for all nature buffs alike!

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