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Copper & Vinyl Feeders

FREE SHIPPING- Gazebo, Large Capacity Bird Feeders & Dovecote Houses. These lovely feeders are shipped assembed and ready to install directly on a 4 x 4 post.

These lovely PVC Post-Mounted Birdhfeeders Look like Wood and Last a Lifetime! Not only will they adorn your yard with style, they are an excellent place for flying visitors to seek refuge.

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Spring is Coming.... is your Yard Ready for Feathered Friends?

As spring is just around the corner, scouts are out, nests are being built and our feathered friends are ready to stick around for a while. Spring is always a welcome change, bringing new life and lots of activity. Housing is always a spring priority for our friends. Make sure your yard has a place for them!

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Unique Birdhouses & Feeders... the Most Unusual Around Town!

Birdhouses, Very Wild Feeders & Bird Baths

Entice songbirds with our fun accessories! Innovative solutions for better birding & long-lasting gifts for any occasion - never a worry of dreaded re-gifting when shopping with The Birdhouse Chick!

Beyond Birdhouses... Home, Garden & Patio

Unusual home and garden accents with sculpture, statuary, plaques, planters and more! In whimsical and classic styles, the perfect gift awaits- for you, your feathered friends and for all nature buffs alike!