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Unique Bird Feeders for all Beaked Buddies!

Browse wild bird feeders mostly handcrafted in the USA of stoneware, glass, recycled plastic, vinyl and copper, they're unusual designs for bluebirds, hummingbirds, orioles and resident fliers alike. For all seed types, peanuts, fruit, suet, nectar and mealworms, find the perfect bird feeder to entice more feathered friends!
Foil pesky squirrels with innovative squirrel-proof feeders that really work, or sneak close-up views with window feeders- they're perfect for small spaces... even no yard at all!

Traditional bluebird feeders protect live meal worms from con-artists, while suet and peanut feeders offer protein packed treats coveted by many resident birds. Find elegant copper roof bird feeders with new large capacity hoppers in hanging or post-mount styles, and a gallery of other cool feeders and baths to further entice feathered friends.

Accessories like baffles and weather guards protect feeders from critter invasions and harsh elements, while seed catchers keep ground waste minimal. These are small investments that provide an ideal bird feeding experience... for you and birds alike!