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Fall 2015 ~ Easy Tasks with Migration Winding Down

November 07, 2015 2 min read

Late fall is still prime birding time, with most migratory birds already on their way to winter breeding grounds, there's still lots to do around the yard.

Cat Bird chowing on Bluebird Banquet prior to migration

Easy Fall Tasks~ help birds thrive

  • Clean out birdhouses for roosting space this winter. Nest nest removal also helps reduce parasites.
  • Leave some leaves- even a small brush pile in the corner of your yard serves birds well for forage and shelter.
  • Think native when planting- evergreens and shrubs for natural food sources and shelter throughout the year.
  • Keep one hummingbird feeder up for stragglers- don't forget to change nectar. Documented reports show hummingbirds in winter along the Eastern seaboard in NC and as far north as MA, on Cape Cod.
  • Add a birdbath heater- birds will flock to a fresh water source through winter. So don't turn that birdbath over, simply add a heater to keep water accessible and bird activity going strong!
  • Some birds don't use feeders or birdhouses- just another reason to keep a heated bird bath going at your place.
  • Try Window Alert Decals if birds are crashing into your windows these transparent, static cling decals make a huge difference in the number of incidents, we use them at home too!
  • Provide roosting spots for overnight shelter and protection from the elements. Resident bird like chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, downy woodpeckers and others will welcome the site!
  • Clean bird feeders thoroughly- for birds' health and remove the ground waste below feeders too.
  • A good scrub for bird baths- 10% bleach solution works great. Although there are all kinds of fancy cleaners out there, nothing beats the tried and true... bleach for cleaning. Be sure to rinse well and air dry for feeders as well.
  • Mix up your own suet- easy recipes can be found here. The cat bird above inhales high energy bluebird banquet to fuel up for his journey south.
  • Grab a new bird feeder- to spruce up the yard and entice feathered friends. Peanuts, suet and black oil sunflower are ideal for winter feeding.
  • Take time to enjoy the birds- with the everyday rush and to-do's, simply stopping to watch birds in the yard is akin to smelling the roses! It soothes the soul, quiets the mind and remove the chaos of today's lifestyle. BEST medicine in the world :)