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Coolness of the New Quad Suet Feeder August 03 2017

Multi-Use Bird Feeder

Get fruit, nesting material and suet all in one conveniently mod bird feeder that lets lots of birds dine on the inside or outside... except when you're standing there taking a picture!

The Quad is actually a multi-use feeder with great versatility. Sturdy construction and innovative design offers year-round use to keep feathered friends a-flocking to your place!

Adding fruit in summer attracts vivid migratory birds like orioles and tanagers, while nesting materials in early spring entices resident birds to nest and raise their families... whether they use birdhouses or not. Bluebirds, house finches, goldfinches, cardinals and others even nest through the summer.

Suet may be offered year-round as the "doughs" or no-melt varieties and popular fruit &  bug blocks are made for warm-weather feeding. There's no lard in the recipes which often turns rancid in heat. Rainy day idea: make your own suet and store it in the freezer for use down the road.

By offering birds more than just plain ol' birdseed, you'll be seeing new species, new colors and hearing new songs! With migrations in spring and fall especially, more options will attract more birds.

Don't forget the birdbath (or two) as fresh water is the absolute easiest way to entice feathered friends. Dreading the thought of stagnant water and mosquitoes? No worries! Options abound for adding moving water to your bird bath.

You can go wish solar, electric, battery-powered or something run from the hose/spigot. Fountains, misters, drippers, wigglers and other bird bath accessories exist to tackle the problem of stagnant water and mosquitoes laying eggs! Plus moving water really does pique a birds' interest.

Multi-use bird feeders are a great option (especially inexpensive sturdy ones) if you're just getting started with backyard birds and habitat. You're able to change it up and see who visits? Learn what birds prefer what and of course... what they may not like as well. It's all part of discovering the great hobby of backyard birding!

Earth Day and Mother's Day Equals Mother Earth! April 23 2017

Save the trees please... the Best Gifts for Mom are Gentle on Mother Earth!

Rustic Reclaimed Church Birdhouse for MomNot all birdhouses are created equal. Many on the market require newly sourced lumber, but thankfully the trend has shifted to reclaimed wood from barns and other old structures for rustic, vintage appeal. These eclectic bird houses are totally functional and meant for the birds- most being one-of-a-kinds too (our offerings are anyway).

With entries sized for bluebirds and other usual suspects, each features an easy clean-out for nest removal. Ample room from entry to floor space helps keep babies safe from predators and keeps nests cozy & dry. This is important bird stuff! Generous bases allow for easy pole or post mounting as well. Handmade and built to endure the elements for many seasons to come, tall church birdhouses like this will host many happy birdie families over the years!


Vinyl with Copper Roof Bird FeederSome other very cool birdhouses are created from man-made materials like vinyl and recycled plastic. The fancy name here would be poly-lumber. This stuff rocks because color is actually integrated with materials. Scratches, dings and dents are barely visible, the material won't crack, rot or split as wood often does over time and clean-up is a breeze due to the non-porous surface.

Houses and feeders in durable PVC/Vinyl feature copper roofs that are simply stunning for long-lasting curb appeal. In fact, so long-lasting... they're guaranteed for life :)

In the bird bath department (easiest way to attract birds) of reclaimed and salvaged, teak root bird baths are a natural in the garden! Set upon a short stand or placed directly on the ground, birds adore them for their texture and also because birds tend to bathe more naturally at ground level.

From small to extra large (only one of those monsters), the smaller size also works well with a deck bracket that attaches to the deck or porch rail. Hand carved by local artisans in Indonesia, each is unique with it's own grain, texture and character. Definitely a keeper to last for many years!
Teak Ground Bird Baths


So there you have it, Unique Gifts for Mother's Day that are gentle on Mother Earth! Be it a birdhouse, bird feeder or birdbath... It's a lovely way to celebrate Mom and Mother Nature too! Because it's more than just the 3 R's of "Reduce, Recycle, Reuse", each of these unique gifts contains an artisan's individual talent and/or their passion for birds. All make long-lasting gifts that bring real joy and happiness via feathered friends!

Make Mom's Day special with a one-of-kind piece to entice more songbirds to her place!

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