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Birding Tips and Resources

Gilbertson Nest Box with Sparrow Spooker

Why Pair Your Bluebird House with Sparrow Spooker?

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Protect Your Flock in Strange Times

Protect Your Flock In these Strange Times...

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Gilbertson Bluebird Feeder

New Bluebird Feeder Has Been Around for Years

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Copper and Vinyl bluebird house mounted on fence

Mount a Copper Birdhouse on Your Fence Post

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Bird Feeder Gifts

Presents of Presence with Bird Feeder Gifts

Bird feeder presents might just offer presence of mind
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Holiday Gift Guide for Nature-Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Birders, Gardeners and Artsy Folks!

For birders, gardeners and those who love quirky nature-theme decor... find the most unique birdhouses, cool bird feeders, garden art and more
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Why You're Seeing Less Traffic at Bird Feeders

Traffic Sparse at Your Bird Feeders?

With two sides to the question of disappearing feeder birds, let's focus on the bigger picture
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Cool Bird Feeder Hooks and Poles

Cool Ideas for Bird Feeder Hooks and Poles

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Bees Swarming Hummingbird Feeder

Bees Swarming Your Hummingbird Feeder?

during the hottest dog days of summer. Honey bees, yellow jackets, wasps and other not so desirable winged ones invade
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Dovecote Birdhouse with Copper Roof

Dovecote Birdhouse is a Big Daddy Father's Day Gift!

Look no further for the most awesome Father's Day should he happen to enjoy wild birds and/or the garden! Superb dovecote birdhouses offer timeless beauty while
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Bird Feeder Keeps Seed Dry

Innovative Bird Feeder Really Keeps Seed Dry!

April showers make a mess of bird feeders... except this one!
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Why Birds Are Not Using Your New Bird Bath

Why Birds Aren't Using Your New Bird Bath

Brand new bird bath but the birds aren't using it? Here's a few reason that might be...
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Handmade Birdhouse

Too Late to Hang a Handmade Birdhouse?

It's never too late to hang a birdhouse- though best to install prior to nesting season for optimal residency.
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Dried or Live Meal Worms for Bluebirds?

Should I Feed Dried or Live Meal Worms for Bluebirds?

Dried vs. Live Meal Worms Which are really best for bluebirds?
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Slow Traffic at Bird Feedrs in Fall?

Traffic's Been Slow at Your New Bird Feeder?

Why aren't birds coming to my new bird feeder in fall?
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Can You Feed too Many Meal Worms?

Can You Feed Too Many Meal Worms for Bluebirds?

Feeding too many meal worms to your bluebirds? Use this simple hack
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Vinyl Birdhouses & Bird Feeders for Earth Day!

Vinyl birdhouses and bird feeders for Earth Day... save the trees for birds !
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Sweet Treats for Birds On Sale

Sweet Treats for birds as winter lingers on into spring! Find edible birdhouses and gourmet seed wreaths on sale
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This Winter Super-Food Requires No Bird Feeder!

This winter super food is in your pantry and there's no bird feeder required
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Best Nyjer Feeder Out There?

After many years of feeding Goldfinches and other species that love thistle seed- I’ve discovered that one particular type
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