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Ceramic Bee Skep

Offer Bumblebees the finest accommodations to nest and thrive in this ceramic bee skep!

Unique garden accent entices pollinators to your place, it's based on traditional designs with a high-fired glaze that's frost-resistant. Special rough texture or non-glazed entry is made for easy landing.

Cozy Bee Habitat has proper ventilation to prevent condensation, complete with nest material, and set-up instructions. Offers alternative ideas (not alternative facts) for set-up method that replicates a natural hole or crevice in the soil.

Bee Skep is best placed in a warm and sheltered spot, out of direct sunlight. Some bumble bee species are known to nest at higher levels using old or abandoned birds' nests. So a raised location is not out of the question for beneficial bees to take up residence.

Ceramic Bee Skep is unique garden art with real purpose!

Measures 8" x 8" x 8"
Item Weight 3.0 lb
Material: Glazed Pottery