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SeedHoop-Seed Catcher Adjustable Seed Tray 30-inch

Works with pole-mounted feeders too! Large Seed Catcher creates a new feeding platform for birds.

Forget the mess underneath your birds feeders! Large seed catcher is 30-inch diameter, and perfect for larger hanging feeders. The base is made of lightweight exterior grade vinyl coated fiberglass mesh. Frame is flexible tempered steel wire that twists and folds, collapses to one-third its expanded size for easy storage. Sleeve is made to last...of exterior grade polyester.

The Seed Hoop's hooks are corrosion-resistant, and nylon cord adjusts to virtually any bird feeder!

• Adapts to any wild bird feeder
• Durable, lightweight, and sturdy
• Easy to attach and store
• Saves money, catching up to 90% of spilled seed
• Protects lawns and garden from rotting seed, weeds, and grass damage
• Serves as a Platform Feeder, keeping birds safe from ground predators
• Mesh allows seed to dry, not rot
• Eliminates food source for rodents
• Increases bird watching pleasure, more birds feed in full view.

Feeder Not Included
Seed Hoop does not serve as squirrel baffle