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Collection: Birdseed Trays & Seed Catchers

Birdseed Trays & Seed Catchers
Innovative solutions let you forget about the mess below bird feeders!
Seed Trays and Seed Catchers eliminate ground waste and deter unwanted guests. Large platforms create additional feeding space to entice new feathered friends who may not use your feeder. Adjustable hanging seed trays will fit almost any bird feeder, find sturdy pole- and 4x4 post-mounted seed trays too. Minimize ground waste, save birdseed & money and promote healthier habitats with birdseed catchers.

Whether a hanging feeder or post-mount bird feeder, seed trays are available to accommodate either. Find seed catchers for tube style and hopper feeders. Adjustable hanging seed trays are available in 2 sizes, while the innovative 4x4 post mount seed catcher is recyled, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.