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Butterfly Feeders

Butterfly Feeders, Houses, Nectar and Accessories 
Use feeders with a sponge or wick to imitate the way butterflies draw nectar from flowers. Over-ripe fruit also entices the flying gems, while Butterfly Puddlers offer an ideal spot to warm themselves in sun. Gardening and habitat (sans the pesticides) play a huge part in luring butterflies to your place. Gentle leaf misters are adored by all winged wonders for consistent fresh water. Butterfly houses offer shelter from weather and add unique charm to a garden setting!

Gardening for Butterflies Butterfly feeders, leaf misters and puddlers will bring them around! Planting to create an inviting habitat is the best way to entice butterflies with both host andnectar plants. Favorite host plants? Milkweed, Asters, Carrot, Dill, Fennel and Parsley are just a few.

Using a leaf mister in the landscape is ideal for enticing butterflies and other wildlife too. Hummingbirds and songbirds adore the gentle spray, activity at this virtual spa in summer is amazing! Butterfly Puddlers are inviting when placed in the sun, same for a large, light color rock that absorbs heat- they offer flying gems comfy spots to rest and sun bathe.

When feeding nectar in a dish or staked butterfly feeder, a sponge (preferably new) should be used to soak up nectar. Because butterflies do not drink from an open source, this practice imitates the pads of flowers from where they do actually feed. Over-ripe fruit is another favorite, with bananas, melons, oranges, peaches and pears among the most sought after morsels. Just be sure fruit does not mold. 

These additions to your yard will help local butterfly populations thrive. As for butterfly houses, they may or may not actually provide shelter, but certainly do look splendid in the garden! Always consider native first when planting and do ditch the chemicals for every one's sake!

Check out this short video for tips on attracting butterflies.