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Ultimate Oriole Feeder

Feed a flock of orioles with all three of their favorites in one neat feeder!

Aptly name Ultimate Oriole Feeder, this one accommodate 4 large jelly trays, 4 orange halves plus 1 whole quart of nectar. It's way more than most oriole feeders could even dream of.

Built-in ant moat remains clear for filling to keep ants off of the feeder. So simple to fill & clean, with large hook for easy hanging.

When orioles first arrive from long migratory flights, they're extremely hungry and consume what's available. Immediately they move on to the next available food source. Packaging contains helpful tips & tricks for attracting orioles to your place.

The Ultimate Oriole Feeder holds twice as much food as any other fruit & jelly feeder on the market. Entices orioles to stick around for a smorgasbord!

Measures: 12" diameter x 3" tall (without hanger).
Item Weight 1.3 lb.
Materials: Acrylic, Zinc Hanger.
USA Made