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Teak Root weathers beautifully as oils deep within preserve the wood. A coat of teak oil will always restore grain and color should elements fade the piece over time. The weathered or bleached appearance is sought after and highly popular among designers for timeless decor.

Natural oils deem the wood not only termite and pest resistant, teak also resists rot, fungus and mildew. Valued for its durability and water resistance, teak wood is used for numerous exterior installations such as furniture, carvings, trim and small wood projects to name just a few, and for centuries teak has been widely used in boat construction as well.

Abundant to Java and other parts of Indonesia, artisans collect and reclaim wood roots and limbs for creative furnishings that are equally suited for indoor decor or garden. Local talent and island flavor are displayed while sustaining Indonesian rainforests via plantation grown teak, whose export is highly controlled by the government.

Both warm and inviting, Mother Earth provides the natural material while local artisans craft their heritage into each teak piece with elegance and authenticity.

Unique Steel Benches, Chairs and Tables feature rich color that remains indefinitely. Hand-applied via epoxy paint process which inhibits rust or fading for long-lasting beauty. Made in the USA, Cricket Forge offers some of the coolest patio and garden furniture, including the original Butterfly Chairs.