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Solar Fountain Kit-One Piece


One piece solar fountain is simple to set up and use! Pump, panel and fountain are all attached, no cords, wires or panel to install. New style is slightly smaller with improved pump. Six-inch diameter panel fits more baths and requires less water depth to operate.

An awesome addition to your bird bath, decorative bowl or garden planter... hummingbirds and others will flock to moving water. Gentle upward stream really draws attention. Works great as a bubbler in smaller baths, fountain heads do require a larger diameter bowl to maintain water level, pedestal style or larger ground baths are ideal.

Maximum spray height is 17 inches, with 3 different spray patterns and bubbler option. Solar fountain requires full sun to operate, panel does not store energy. Recommended for baths or bowls with minimum depth of 2 inches. Easy installation gets fountain up and running in minutes!

New pumps are small but strong! Larger diameter baths work best for use with all fountain heads. Minimum 18" diameter is recommended. Does an awesome bubbler sans the spray heads!

Bowl not included.
Fountain is not recommended for use during freezing temperatures.

Measures 6.3" diameter
Item Weight 0.45 lb.