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Whole Peanut Wreath Feeder


Innovative peanut feeder is attractive, sturdy and versatile for year-round use- for birds or squirrels!

Entice woodpeckers, jays, nuthatches, chickadees and other clinging birds to your yard with this fun wreath feeder. Great for offering nesting materials in early spring, and fruit in summer for migratory birds. Pop a suet ball or two inside during frigid weather for extra calories to stay warm and added variety.

Durable powder-coat finish ensures many seasons of use and enjoyment. Large hanging hook for easy placement. Optional 5 lb. bag whole peanuts gets you started right away!

Don't want squirrels eating your peanuts?
Add a hanging squirrel baffle above the feeder if hung from a branch. Use a pole-mount baffle placed below the feeder if using a garden pole. These will keep squirrels out of any feeder when used correctly. But beware of the horizontal launching point, this is the object from where uber-squirrel jumps sideways to gain access to the goods!

Choose blue or red

Approximate capacity is 1.5 lb.
Measures 16" tall (with hanger)
Diameter 13"
Material: Metal
Made in China

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