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Nesting and Roosting Pocket

Colorful Nest Pocket is handmade of wire and recycled candy wrappers!

An eco-friendly refuge designed for wrens- other small birds will use these fun roosting spots as well.

Hang birdhouse/nest pockets in a quiet and sheltered spot, away from direct sunlight and rain. An obstacle-free approach is preferred by most birds.

Late fall is a good time to check for and clean out old nests, as pockets are also used for roosting. During winter months a sheltered spot like front porch is ideal for songbirds seeking shelter from inclement conditions.

Measures 7" wide x 9" tall (without hanger) 12" Hanger
Item Weight .50 lb.
Material: Metal Frame, Snack Wrappers, Recycled Plastic
Handmade India

Noah's Ark International Exports is a fair trade handicraft marketing organization in Moradabad, India. They provide benefits such as education and medical treatment for artisans and their families. As artisan businesses become more self-sufficient, Noah's Ark takes on new families. Since the company's inception, about 20 artisan workshops have become independent.