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Dried Mealworms-Bulk Options

Buy More - Save More! Available from 1 lb. to 11 lb. boxes

Whole, dried worms, additive and preservative free... enough for all season. Attract Bluebirds and other insect-eating birds with this favorite food, convenient, economical, and good for birds.

Tip:Steep worms in boiling water to soften, adults will feed them to babies in spring. If your birds are picky or accustomed to live worms, a light spray of olive oil will make dried worms appear juicy!

• 100% Naturally Dried
• High in protein, fat, and potassium-helps birds maintain energy
• Attracts bluebirds, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, warblers, tanagers and other migratory birds
• Does not require refrigeration
• More protein than live worms
• Easy to use - they won't crawl out of your feeder
• Feed alone or easily blend with seed mixes
• Year round use
• Long shelf life - your air-tight containers are best
• Easy and practical storage
• FDA approved and certified

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    Marty D.
    United States United States

    My bluebirds love the mealworms . took a couple of days for them to find it and figure how to inter feeder. good price on food . would love to see free shipping . Marty from TENN.

    Barbara H.
    United States United States

    Bought the bluebird feeder to this day they don’t go in an eat. Plus saw the same feeder at a place with a wire cheaper. Disappointed thought it was fairly priced

    The Birdhouse Chick

    It does take some time and patience training bluebirds to enter an enclosed feeder. You might try lifting the one panel and placing the dish containing worms half in/half out of the feeder. Also, please check the bluebird reference: It lists several suggestions on training bluebirds with a new feeder. This bluebird feeder is meant to be pole-mounted. There are pre-drilled holes should you decide to hang it instead.