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Wildlife Feeders and Habitats for Your Garden

From Pollinators to Toads, Owls and Squirrels... find wildlife feeders and habitats to suit everyone at The Birdhouse Chick!

Butterfly feeders and wildlife accessories like bat houses attract these winged wonders to promote pollination in the garden. For natural insect and rodent control, owl houses provide critical shelter throughout the year, and necessary space to brood and raise young. Even toads and bees are most beneficial to your gardens' health! 

We offer a splendid variety of wildlife feeders for sale. For squirrels too... fun feeders help keep the critters occupied and out of bird seed!

Entice Beneficial Wildlife to Your Place!

Real Estate's tough out there for some of our winged, furry and beaked buddies too! Help ease their plight by providing wildlife habitats to your garden with items such as proper bee and nest boxes for shelter.

Due to logging and urban sprawl, there's been a steep decline in natural nesting sites over the years. While these snags and natural cavities are disappearing, many owl species will take up residence in man-made housing meant just for them!