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Bag Dried Mealworms-3250 Ct.

100 gm. bag is the perfect size to experiment feeding meal worms for the first time. Attract Bluebirds and other insect-eating birds with this favorite food!

A convenient and economical way to offer birds a special, yet healthy treat.
Tip: If your birds are picky, or accustomed to live mealworms, a light spray of extra virgin olive oil will make dried worms appear juicy and live!

• 100% Naturally Dried
• High in protein, fat, and potassium-helps birds maintain energy
• Attracts bluebirds, flickers, woodpeckers, nuthatches, siskins, chickadees, etc.
• Does not need to be refrigerated
• More protein than live mealworms
• Easy to use - they won't crawl out of your feeder
• Feed stand-alone or easily blend into seed mixes
• Year round use
• Long shelf life-stays dry with tight lid for tubs
• Easy and practical storage
• FDA approved and certified
• Analysis: Protein 36%, Crude Fat 18%, Fiber 7%, Moisture 9%