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Barred Owl House


Barred Owl House is handcrafted in Maine from eastern white pine. Specifically for the hoo-hoo-hoot sound you may hear at night, the barred owl is also known as a hoot owl. They're slightly larger than barn owls, and the most opportunistic of hunters! Habitat is basically damp forests and lower wet woodlands, with a range across 75 percent of North America.

Shelter features proper ventilation and drainage, with easy clean-out on lower side panel.
Nix the chemicals and entice a barred owl for natural rodent control... best to keep small kittens and rabbits indoors!

Barred Owl House comes pre-drilled with all hardware, and easy to follow assembly and mounting instructions, plus helpful information about the species.
Hand made in the USA.

Measures 25 x 13.25 x 13
Item Weight 21 lb.
Oversize shipping rate incurs $15.oversize