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Bee Hyve Solitary Bee House

Delightful Bee House provides a cozy home for pollinating bees and beneficial insects when placed in your garden.

Mason Bees, Orchard and Leaf Cutter Bees provide super pollination for flowers, fruit and vegetables. Considered solitary bees, they're mild-mannered around children and pets as they have nothing to defend. They're only objective is to pollinate and reproduce.

Wooden Bee Shelter offers a safe place for female bees to lay eggs. Larvae survive over-winter and emerge in spring as adults. Fun to watch them filling the tubes during spring and early summer. Different species of solitary bees cap the cells using mud (Mason Bees) or leaf segments.

Constructed from FSC certified timber, the Bee Hyve is painted with a beautiful water-based sea green color. Natural lapped wooden roof keeps the house dry and protected.

May be hung using attached hook on the back or set on a wall or ledge. Ideal height is between ground level and 5 ft., in a sunny but sheltered spot.

Give the bees a safe place to call home and in return your garden will flourish!

Measures 8.5" x 7" x 4"
Item Weight 1.9 lb.
Material: Cedar, Metal