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Cat Aviator Whirligig with Pole

$ 53.00

Whirligigs are Fantastic Kinetic Art for the Garden.

Cat Aviator Whirligig is a whimsical, wind powered metal sculpture featuring a happy cat that waves while the mouse flaps in the wind as they fly.

The slightest breeze will send kinetic art whirligigs into a flurry of motion. Even when still, these hand made garden whirligigs add a touch of charm to your yard. Powder undercoating allows the whirligig to withstand the elements, ensuring many seasons of use and enjoyment.
Complete with sturdy, 48-inch, three-part metal pole.

Whirligig Measures: 18" long x 13.5" wide x 4" tall
Pole Measures 48" tall

A very windy day for this Cat Aviator!



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